Virtual Power

Industrial Solar

Imagine a council that will be helping to power itself and its community with clean, green, renewable energy. A council where its residents and businesses will have access to affordable green electricity, while simultaneously contributing to the community vision of zero net emissions by 2030. This is our goal at Hobsons Bay.

Over the next five years Council will be reducing its own direct emissions through the installation of solar panels on Council buildings, retrofitting existing buildings, installing LED street lighting and ensuring future infrastructure is sustainable.

Council is taking the lead in generating renewable energy through the roll out of a Virtual Energy Network (VEN) and the installation of solar panels on more than 40 Council buildings. It will accelerate the uptake of renewable energy, create local jobs and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Community Solar

An exciting element is the creation of a solar program for the community that will allow community access to the VEN and low cost locally produced renewable power. This has the potential to create energy benefits and long-term savings for businesses and community members. There will be several ways for the community to find out more or be involved in providing input and guidance to Council on options for the community access to the VEN.

These include the following:

  • Follow our Participate Hobsons Bay - Community Solar Page which will be updated with all relevant information on the community solar project as well as key events and activity dates.
  • Attend one of our information sessions in 2021 to learn more about the project and provide feedback – these will be either virtual or face-to-face (subject to COVID-19 guidelines). Follow the Participate page to be advised of dates.
  • Up to eight community members will be invited to be part of our Community Solar Reference Group, to help shape the program.

We are looking forward to going on this exciting journey with you, as we move towards a renewable and sustainable future for the community and Hobsons Bay!

Large scale solar program

Council’s Large-Scale Solar Installation Program includes new solar installations on more 40 buildings delivering approximately 4MW of solar generated power. The solar energy system is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 4,000 tonnes per annum.

The project will introduce a Virtual Energy Network (VEN) that enables solar energy from all buildings to be distributed across Council-owned and leased assets, and in the longer term to consider availability to community groups and the wider community. The VEN can become a true Virtual Power Plant (VPP) by adding batteries at any stage in the future, when battery technology becomes more affordable.

The project will generate substantial savings for the Council by reducing energy costs, which is money that Council can put back into the community through the delivery of services and programs.

Download the fact sheet(PDF, 4MB) for further information.