Sport & Recreation Policies & Strategies

Aquatic Strategy

Aquatic Strategy - 2019-2030(PDF, 9MB)

Sports Facility Needs Analysis

Sports Facility Needs Analysis Final Report(PDF, 6MB)

Sports Facility Needs Analysis Summary(PDF, 971KB)

Tennis Needs Assessment

Tennis Needs Assessment Final Report(PDF, 6MB)

Tennis Needs Assessment Summary(PDF, 248KB)

Sport & Recreation Strategy

Sport and Recreation Strategy 2014(PDF, 884KB)

Appendix 2 State of Play of Tennis in Hobsons Bay(PDF, 440KB)

Appendix 3 State of Play of Netball in Hobsons Bay(PDF, 485KB)

Appendix 4 Hobsons Bay Parks and Reserves Master Plans(PDF, 29KB)

Appendix 5 Hobsons Bay Sport and Recreation Master Plans(PDF, 23KB)

Appendix 6 Synthetic Sports Fields Feasibility Study 2013(PDF, 820KB)

Appendix 7 Preface to Sport and Recreation State of Play Report 2013(PDF, 509KB)

Appendix 8 Sport and Recreation State of Play Report(PDF, 4MB)

Synthetic Sports Surfaces Feasibility Study

Synthetic Sports Surfaces Feasibility Study(PDF, 820KB)

Play Space Strategy

Play-Space-Strategy-2013-2023.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Altona Central Sports Precinct Plan 2011-2031

MP1-Overall-Plan-of-the-Precinct.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

MP2-Includes-Grant-Reserve-Nevitte-Reserve-Youth-Hall-Guide-Hall-Hockey-Pitch-and-Pavilion.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

MP3-Includes-Kirk-Oval-Bowling-Club-Tennis-Club-Courts-Dog-Obedience-Training-Area-Fresno-Street.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

MP4-Includes-Cherry-Lake-Reserve-Accessible-Playground-Picnic-Area-Sensory-Garden-Park-Frontage-to-Millers-Road.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

MP5-Includes-Kim-Reserve-and-Fell-Reserve.pdf(PDF, 1015KB)

Bruce Comben Reserve Master Plan

Bruce-Comben-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 10MB)

Bryan Martyn Reserve Master Plan

Bryan-Martyn-Reserve-Master-Plan-2005.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Crofts Reserve Master Plan

Crofts-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Digman Reserve Master Plan

Digman-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Donald McLean Reserve Master Plan

D-McLean-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 441KB)

Fearon Reserve Master Plan

Fearon-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 4MB)

HC Kim Reserve Master Plan

HC-Kim-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 4MB)

HD Graham Master Plan

H.D.-Graham-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 6MB)

JT Gray Reserve Master Plan

JT-Gray-Reserve-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 561KB)

Laverton Park Master Plan

Laverton-Park-Proposed-Future-Directions-Plan.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

Lawn Bowls Needs Assessment

Hobsons-Bay-Lawn-Bowls-Needs-Assessment-Final-Report(PDF, 2MB)

Newport Park Athletics Track Master Plan

Newport-Park-Athletics-Track-Master-Plan.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Paisley Park

Paisley-Park-Final-Draft-Future-Directions-Plan.pdf(PDF, 2MB)