Stony Creek


Stony Creek

Stony Creek is one of four major creeks that run through Hobsons Bay. There are other smaller creeks/drains including Cherry Creek and, Paisley and Challis drains that also assist with the water flow from industrial areas into specially designed wetlands where the water is naturally filtered before entering the bay.

One of the quirks of our creek systems is the number of land managers involved in looking after the creek and its immediate surrounds. Stony Creek begins in the Brimbank City Council municipality, goes through Maribyrnong City Council and into Hobsons Bay City Council. Not only that, the waterway itself is managed by Melbourne Water and the Stony Creek backwash at the mouth of the creek is managed by Parks Victoria.


Stony Creek Reserve - Access from Hyde st, Hughes st, or Beverley st, Spotswood 3015  View Map

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