Open House Melbourne 2022

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Open House Melbourne is an independent organisation that fosters public appreciation for architecture and public engagement in conversations about the future of our cities.

Council contributes to a Hobsons Bay and western suburbs presence in Open Melbourne, as part of its winter cultural program.

The theme for 2022 is BUILT/UNBUILT, Hobsons Bay celebrates a weekend of open buildings that people are able to visit.  It's an opportunity to celebrate design, history, architecture, in new ways.   

Find the full program here.

OHM Built Unbuilt Landscape Image.jpg

Hobsons Bay featured buildings


Blunt's Boat Shed

Saturday 30 July, open 10am to 4pm 

Opportunity to take self-guided tours through areas generally closed to the public. Access via front door along Nelson Place.

To find out more about Blunt's Boatyard, visit:

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Altona Homestead

Saturday 30 July, open 11am to 2pm

Built in the mid 1840s by Alfred and Sarah Langhorne, the Altona Homestead sits on Logan Reserve in Altona. On display are a collection of art and objects reflecting life from 1840 through to the mid 1900s.

Visitors are invited to enjoy this unique and treasured homestead, overlooking tranquil Logan Reserve and the Altona foreshore.

To find out more about Altona Homestead, visit: Altona Homestead (Altona Laverton Historical Society) 



Modscape's Modular Design Hub - Brooklyn

Saturday 30 July, 11am

Experience the power of modular construction, enabling better design, building and environment. Take a site tour of Modscape’s facility, with education on the sustainability benefits of prefabricated construction. Please make use of on-site parking, enter via the gates next to the large Modscape banner.

Find out more about Modscape:



Williamstown Town Hall

Sunday 31 July 2022, open 10am to 4pm 

Tours from 2pm, 1-hour duration for up to 25 people

A beloved public building restored to former glory. As the largest building of its kind in Melbourne’s west, Williamstown Town Hall, built-in 1927 by prolific architect Joseph Plottel, is an original example of an interwar municipal complex. It is an important part of Williamstown’s identity. 

Bookings essential:

Find out more about Williamstown Town Hall here

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Old Laverton School

Sunday 31 July, open 10am to 4pm

Presentation 11am by Graeme Reilly, Altona Laverton Historical Society (1-hour duration)

The former Laverton State School is significant to the Melbourne’s west as it is one of only a small number of well preserved 19th century school buildings remaining. Built in 1888, it is also recognised as the oldest building in the locality, standing out as once an isolated structure serving a rural community, and the focal point of the local community over a long period.

Wander through at your leisure and attend a special presentation by Graeme Reilly. Tea and coffee available after the presentation.

Bookings essential:

Find out more about Old Laverton School here

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Former Williamstown Morgue - Seaworks Maritime Museum

Sunday 31 July 2022, open 10am to 4pm

The fascinating history behind the bluestone structure will be revealed. The Former Morgue was built in 1859 near Gem Pier, where the overflow from the autopsies were swept into the sea. 

Join a guided tour of this historic heritage listed building. 

Tours operate hourly from 10.15am, running for 20 minutes for up to 15 people at a time.

Find out more about the former Williamstown Morgue here

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HMAS Castlemaine

Saturday 30 July and Sunday 31 July, open 10.30am to 4pm

The HMAS Castlemaine is the first Australian warship preserved as a museum. Step onboard and witness how crews lived and worked during wartime.

Bookings not required. FREE entry for OHM visitors.

Find out more about the HMAS Castlemaine click here

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Park Life

Saturday 30 July, Tours run 10am - 4pm, on the hour
Running for 45 minutes in groups of 10 people
Tours run 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

Park Life is a highly contextual extension in Williamstown North. This contemporary design responds to the principles of the ‘garden city’, integrating home, garden and streetscape. In doing so, it continues the vision for the area as laid out by the Housing Commission of Victoria in the 1940s.

Park Crescent, Williamstown - meet on the footpath outside the front door (full address available on booking)

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Forrest Passive House

Saturday 30 July, open 8.30am-12noon
Tours run 9am, 10.30am. Running for 1 hour, for up to 75 people.

Join a tour led by the builder and architect with experts on windows, mechanical ventilation and the importance of quality membranes – key components of Passive House. Touch and feel a range of products and see how they perform. Don’t miss the live blower door test on-site testing the air exchange rate of the home.

Matthew Carland – Carland Constructions
James Goodlet – Altereco Designs
Joel Seagren – Fantech/Zendher
Drew Krocker – Passive Tech

Bookings not required. Tour group capacity is limited and operates on a first come, first in basis.

13 Forrest Street, Spotswood

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