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Stay tuned for the 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival and events right here in Hobsons Bay!

30 September - 17 October 2021


2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020 was a celebration of the tenacity and spirit of artists, of our community’s need for connection and creativity, and of Melbourne’s extraordinary resilience.

Hobsons Bay events



PLATFORM is a digitally scaled re-creation of The SUBSTATION in Newport building hosted inside a private Minecraft server, that creates a virtual space for artists across visual arts and electronic music to develop and present new work. In-game audiences are free to explore the iconic Newport building, attend exhibitions across its galleries and interact with other audience avatars.

For Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020, players were invited to explore brand new landscapes and view select works created by young artists from the 2020 Woods Street Youth Art Prize. The experience was complemented with curated DJ sets by Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc.

About Woods Street Youth Art Prize

The Woods Street Youth Art Prize showcases the artistic talent and innovation of young people aged 14 to 25 from Melbourne's western region.

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About Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc.

Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc. is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation, who create dance music gatherings, cultural events, and community-based programs for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. Originally operating as consultants to support music festivals in incorporating cultural understanding and celebration into festivities, Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc now facilitates their own community programs and music events, with a focus on promoting reconciliation and cultural celebration through dance, storytelling and music. 

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