Local Flora & Fauna


Hobsons Bay is home to many flora and fauna species that are all connected and rely on each other for food, habitat and resources, creating the unique ecosystems that exist here. The municipality is well known for its brilliant coastline that attracts migratory and resident wading birds, the creek systems that provide excellent habitat corridors for flora and fauna species and our critically endangered Plains Grassland areas that represent the original landscape of Hobsons Bay.  

A number of our local species that are rare or threatened and have national or state significance include:


  • spiny rice flower (pimelea spinescens subsp. spinescens)
  • tough scurf-pea (cullen tenax)
  • button wrinklewort (rutidosis leptorrhynchoides)
  • sunshine diuris orchid (diuris fragrantissima)

For more information on the flora in Hobsons Bay please check out our booklet ‘Sustainable Gardening in Hobsons Bay(PDF, 4MB)’ and our listing of some of the more common indigenous flora(PDF, 328KB) found in our Conservation Reserves. 


  • altona skipper butterfly (hesperilla flavescens flavescens)
  • golden sun moth (synemon plana)
  • swift parrot (lathamus discolor)
  • striped legless lizard (delma impar)
  • growling grass frog (litoria raniformis)

The Birds of Hobsons Bay's Coastline(PDF, 13MB) booklet aims to help you identify Hobsons Bay’s resident and migratory shorebirds, along with some of our more familiar coastline birds and seabirds. Use the booklet to discover birds in wetlands across Hobsons Bay, and help their conservation through monitoring, by entering your bird count data online