Conservation Team

Conservation Rangers

The Conservation Team at Hobsons Bay manages approximately 360 hectares spread over 28 Conservation Reserves which equates to 150 MCG playing fields. The management of these reserves involves on-ground works, education and community engagement. 

On-ground works include: 

  • revegetation 
  • weed control 
  • pruning, mulching 
  • site maintenance (e.g. path works, infrastructure) 
  • ecological burns 

Education and Community Engagement include:



  • the Conservation Team works in close partnership with other stake-holders such as Melbourne Water and the Port Phillip Bay Catchment Management Authority. Each year the team delivers on several grants from these and other authorities, adding to the infrastructure improvements and weed management that is possible to accomplish each year.  
  • every year the team plants over 20,000 indigineous tube-stock plants, which includes trees, shrubs, grasses and other ground covers, increasing the biodiversity of our natural spaces.
  • in a typical year, the team will hold over 40 community group participation activities, more than 35 general community events and over 65 excursions or incursions for schools and early year centres.
  • there are over 55 interpretation signs in our reserves, where the contents, production and/or establishment were accomplished by the Conservation Team. 
  • weed management accounts for at least 3/4 of the 260 working days in any given year, which equates to a huge biomass of weed reduction each year.
Team planting COLE grant