Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, face-to-face counselling services have been suspended. Options for phone/video sessions are available.

Hobsons Bay UP provides short to medium generalist counselling for young people who live, work or study in the municipality aged 12 to 25.

The counselling service provides young people with the opportunity to discuss and receive support on issues or concerns that may be affecting their lives. It can assist in providing young people with a range of options to help them overcome any issues or concerns they may have. Counselling allows young people and their families to be heard and supported without judgement in a safe and secure environment with trained professionals.

Young people and their families decide to attend counselling for a variety of reasons including: family difficulties, relationships, education, legal, sexuality and social issues.


Our Counsellors



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Di enjoys working with young people because of their honesty and capacity for post-traumatic growth, striving to provide understanding, respectful conversations and strategies for coping with change.

Diana likes ice-cream, rainy days and laughter. Diana dislikes paper cuts, Brussels sprouts and tight shoes.


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Jola works with young people who are struggling with a lack of clarity in life’s direction, family and relationship issues, low self-esteem and identity issues, mood disorders, anxiety and adjusting to stressful changes in life.

Jola likes animals, suspenseful movies and nature photography. Jola dislikes traffic and confined spaces.



The counselling service at Hobsons Bay UP is free and confidential and can be accessed at Newport Community Hub, Level 1, 13 Mason Street, Newport 3015. Arrangements can also be made to meet at the young person’s school if in the municipality.

If you need to speak to someone about counselling please contact Hobsons Bay UP on 9932 4000 or via email

Other counselling support

There are also a number of other agencies and services that operate within the western region offering a free service or concession rates:

Private Practices