Liberty Swing - Cherry Lake Altona


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Welcome to Cherry Lake, home of the Liberty Swing and no more sitting on the edge and wondering what it would be like to fly through the air and feel the breeze on your face.

To start the ride…

  1. To start the ride, reverse the chair into the swing as far as possible and apply the brakes or disconnect the power.
  2. Pass the chain through the wheel, pull it back over the hook by turning the knob clockwise.
  3. Fasten the seatbelt (located in box at back of capsule, unlock with MLAK key) over occupant by using the side support anchor points.
  4. Unlock the device with the MLAK key. Pull the ramp up, pushing the swing back slightly with your hand. Lower the ramp onto the ground.

Once your ride is complete, reverse all steps.

To finish the ride…

  1. Replace the ramp by lifting and pulling the capsule towards the ramp and lowering into the lock position. Please ensure the swing is locked.
  2. Remove seatbelt and replace in box.
  3. Unlock wheels and remove chains.
  4. Release brakes.
  5. Exit swing.

Please note the swing requires a MLAK key to be unlocked and fully operational. If you require this key you can collect one from Council’s Civic Centre (9am - 5pm Monday to Friday) at reception:

Civic Centre

115 Civic Parade
Altona, VIC 3018

Tel: 9932 1000

For general enquiries and feedback contact Council’s Metro Access and Inclusion Officer on 9932 1000 or check out the website