Behind this Smile

The Behind This Smile community art project was developed as part of the Racism. It Stops with Me Campaign with the aim to promote the value of cultural diversity in Hobsons Bay and to challenge cultural stereotypes.

Local residents from diverse backgrounds shared their stories and portraits. They were ready to stand up and let us know what they have learnt from their experience of racism. They want us to know who they are and what made them who they are. They believe that ultimately this is what will bring change; knowing each other and seeing the world and everyone in it as they do… as one big family.

Wendy Murray, the artist working on the project, developed the conceptual theme of the artwork in response to participants’ stories – investigating what’s behind that smile.

Behind This Smile artwork reflects the diverse cultural histories of the Hobsons Bay area and begins a positive conversation about the impact of racism on the individual.

The images are displayed at the following locations: Altona Library, Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre, Altona North Community Library, Williamstown Library and Laverton Community Hub as well as on council flags.

Read their inspiring stories below.