Whirlpool artwork

Artist: Anuradha Patel
Year: 2008
Location: Warmies, Newport
Materials: Galvanised steel


Within the form of the sculpture there are many references to the past and present environment of ‘The Warmies’. The skeletal nature of the design is symbolic and reminiscent of organic structures such as feathers and wings and past vegetation such as the mangroves.

The arch and the linear aspect of the design relate to the lines of the horizon and the distant architectural structures and the urban landscape. The intention is to create a dialogue between the architectural, urban structures and the surrounding organic landscape.

By using curvilinear forms, I wanted to create something that would make an impact within the vastness of the landscape of The Warmies whilst at the same time being the least invasive. The visual weight of the piece will constantly change according to the angle of vision and the reflection of light.” Anu Patel

About the artist

Anuradha Patel was born in Gujarat, India and lived for a number of years in the UK before relocating to Victoria in 2006. Patel practices as a freelance artist / designer. In recent years Patel has worked on several site specific public art commissions which take the form of sculpture as well as functional design in Street Furniture and integrated art and landscaping concepts. Her works use a variety of sturdy materials often determined by the concept and the nature of the site. Anuradha’s work is also represented at the Williamstown Botanic Gardens in the form of two sets of gates. www.anuradhapatel.com

About the Warmies

The Warmies is a fishing destination located on the western side of the West Gate Bridge on the Yarra River at Newport.