Time Beacon

Time Beacon artwork

Artist: Cameron Robbins 
Year: 2004
Location: 100 Steps to Federation at Truganina Park, Altona Meadows
Materials: Steel


Time Beacon presents a positive and dynamic image for the future intently listening to the land, and relaying what is heard. It expresses a meeting of nature and culture of the past, present and future.  Its shape reflects magnetic fields, exploding stars, whirlpools of nature, radio dishes, audio speakers, and listening and projecting devices of the manufactured world.” Cameron Robbins

Cameron Robbins created Time Beacon specifically for this site at the top of the 100 Steps to Federation.  The design of two arms of the form represents the past and future, and the centre is the present.

About the artist

Based in Australia, Robbins produces structural installations - devices such as wind, solar, and ocean-powered mechanical systems, with an aesthetic that is the result of both engineering and resourcefulness. www.cameronrobbins.com