The Nature of Time and Again

Nature of Time artwork clock

Artist: Anton Hassell
Year: 2003
Location: Ferguson Street, Williamstown
Materials: Rotary Clock and steel.


The functioning clock face is a focus of the design of The Nature of Time and Again

Planets orbit around the clock, cosmological orbs caught in their elliptical journey through time and space. Beneath their eternal but frozen orbit the artist, Anton Hassell, re-states Einstein’s theory of E=MC2 (i.e. that energy equals the square of mass multiplied by the speed of light) and suggest instead that time equals energy multiplied by space.” Anton Hassell

In acknowledgment of the original clock on the site donated by the Rotary organisation, the ball of the pendulum displays a cog not dissimilar to the Rotary symbol and another partial cog appears in the base of the plinth.

About the Artist

In 1982 Hassell completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at R.M.I.T. He then went on to do his Post Graduate Diploma followed by a Master of Fine Arts, both in Sculpture. In 2003 he became a Doctor of Philosophy at R.M.I.T in Architecture and Design. Hassell has exhibited extensively since 1990 and is recognised by his long list of prizes, grants and public space commissions including the Federation Bells (with Dr Neil McLachlan) at Birrarung Marr Park, Melbourne; The Victorian Police Memorial (with architect Marcus Ward); The Tilly Aston Bell, City of Melbourne and Vision Australia; Eureka Stockade Commission.