The Botanic Gates

Botanic Gates artwork

Artist: Anuradha Patel and Velislav Georgiev
Year: 2010
Location: Williamstown Botanic Gardens at Osborne and Giffard Streets
Materials: Steel


The overwhelming aspects of the gardens are its variety of formal walkways, intimate spaces and the wonderful collection of flora and the native fauna. This was the source of inspiration in the design of the gates at the Botanic Gardens.

The Gates of Ceremony
Osborne Street, Williamstown

The Gates of Ceremony are inspired by the majestic trees within the garden. The trunks are strong and upright, aspiring to the sky. They are also deemed architectural due to their scale, elegance and interaction with surrounding period architecture.” Patel and Georgiev

The Gates of Earthly Delights
Giffard Street, Williamstown

The Gates of Earthly Delights are a slightly smaller gate.  Its design explores the more intimate and hidden aspects of the garden. In its form, it is more curvaceous and sensuous, echoing not only the sinuous vines and roots forms within the undergrowth but also the ebbs and flows of the nearby ocean.” Patel and Georgiev

About the Artists

Georgiev works as a public artist, making sculptures for parks, buildings and other public settings in and around Melbourne. 

Patel practices as a freelance Artist / Designer. In recent years Anuradha has worked on several site specific public art commissions which take the form of sculpture as well as functional design. Anuradha’s work Whirlpool is part of the public art collection in Hobsons Bay, located at The Warmies in Newport.

About the Williamstown Botanic Gardens

Williamstown Botanic Gardens are one of Victoria’s first public gardens, opened in 1860. In a newly developing colony, botanic gardens were established as a way of assessing how well familiar plants would grow, as a place for reliving the English landscape and as a place for social outings and walks. Today the gardens are a place to enjoy the peace and beauty of a mature formal garden and learn about our horticultural heritage.