Artist: Pauline Fraser
Year: 2005
Location: Altona Pier, The Esplanade, Altona
Materials: Bronze and corten steel


Pauline Fraser makes a strong symbolic statement about the marine life in Port Phillip Bay, articulating its value through this artwork.  Seaborn represents the fragility of the natural environment and highlights the importance of respecting and caring for our bays.

Seaborn is a harmonious arrangement of five bronze marine creatures:

  • Cuttlefish
  • Weedy Sea Dragon
  • Leatherjacket
  • Crab
  • Shell

Contrasting in form, shape, colour and texture the sculptures are mounted on rusted, tapering cor-ten steel plinths and reflect the marine life that live beneath the surface of Port Phillip Bay.” Pauline Fraser

About the Artist

Pauline Fraser was born in 1953 on remote Christmas Island. She studied sculpture at Monash University and RMIT, and has exhibited her work widely in Australia.