Reunion artwork

Artist: Grant Finck
Year: 2011
Location: Maher Road, Laverton Train Station, Laverton
Materials: Steel reinforced polyester resin


Reunion was developed as part of the Train Stations as Creative Community Hubs program to transform the spaces in and around the train station into more vibrant, safer and attractive hubs of community activity. The Laverton Train Station Taskforce was formed as part of the development and the project was funded by the Department of Transport.

Reunion is formed from the intersection of two separate, double ended pod shapes.  A narrow neck joins each double pod, and it is at this point the separate elements intersect.  The individual shapes wrap around each other in an embrace, causing a change of direction of each pod, giving the sculpture centrifugal animation.

 The effect creates tension, which is, in turn counter balanced by the symmetry of the overall sculpture. This generates a unique dynamic of balance and motion.  At the point where the two shapes make contact, they begin to wrap around each other forming the beginning of a double helix, a symbol often used to describe creation.  Although bold and simple in shape, the various elements of this sculpture come together to form a multi layered image presenting numerous interpretive possibilities.  

The marriage of the two sculpture components is indicative of the TSACCH concept, a place where people come together and join in the creation of dynamic activity.  The colour green has been carefully chosen to enhance the sculptures shape and project a cheerful, bright and soothing presence.”  Grant Finck

About the artist:

Grant has worked as a professional sculptor and potter since 1978. Grant studied Fine Art at the VCA and since 1996 has created many public commissions.