Requiem for a Champion

Requiem For a Champion artwork

Artist: Yvonne George

Year: 2007
Location: Altona Coastal Park, Altona

Materials: Bronze, steel and paint.


Requiem for a Champion is installed at the site of the former Williamstown Racecourse in the Altona Coastal Park. 

Requiem for a Champion features a bronze Stint perched on top of a galloping horse. A series of sweeping stainless steel hoops supported by two vertical columns balances the horse structure and references the former site of the historic Williamstown Racecourse.

The vertical elements of the work echo the adjacent industrial chimney stacks and elevate the sculpture skyward, removing it from the heath landscape to float high above the park in the space.” Yvonne George

Yvonne George intends the work to act as an important historical marker, harking back to the original grandeur of the site as a significant example of Victorian racing history. It also engenders a strong sense of place, engagement and civic pride to be experienced by local residents and visitors.

About the artist

Yvonne George is a sculptor based in Bendigo and has been a practising artist since completing a BA in ceramics in 1986. Yvonne creates a range of site specific works that explore the relationship of space, form and scale, influenced by nature, marine life, organic forms and the human body.