Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts artwork

Artist: Geoff Hogg and Enver Cambdel
Year: 1995
Location: Newport Train Station underpass, Melbourne Rd, Newport.
Materials:  Concrete 


Nuts and Bolts Is a concrete mural leading to the pedestrian underpass and tunnel on the western side of the Newport Train Station. Concrete was used to allow the mural to be part of the structure of the tunnel and to suggest the former industrial activities of the Newport area. Tools, equipment and pieces of broken machinery give a feeling of breakdown of the engineering, fabrication and heavy industrial maintenance works, especially railways, which were once the focus of Newport.

The concept for Nuts and Bolts was developed through a series of community consultations led by Fiona Tinner. The research showed Newport had been a working class suburb of mainly post World War II migrants and Anglo-Australians who lived and worked in the area. The design of Nuts and Bolts reflects the area’s de-industrialization and the keen sense of loss felt in the community.