Linking Laverton

linking laverton collage.JPG

Artist: Dean Bowen
Year: 2010
Location: McCormack Park, Bladin Street, Laverton.
Materials: Bronze


Dean Bowen has created a public artwork consisting of three bronze sculptures that reflect sustainable travel behaviours. The works address the themes of car pooling, walking and public transport.

The first sculpture is an elongated bronze vehicle, titled ‘Car’ which contains four passengers and is an example of car pooling where people share a vehicle whilst travelling to work together.

The second bronze is titles ‘Walking Figure’ and is symbolic of the most common mode of transport, depicting a person walking through the park.

The third bronze titled ‘Bus’ reflects community and public transport. The bus has multiple windows where faces are shown in low relief. The work is symbolic of community engagement and sharing where all the commuters on their various journeys are using sustainable travel in the form of public transport on a bus.” Dean Bowen

About the artist

Australian artist Dean Bowen is based in Melbourne. He has been exhibiting paintings, bronze sculpture and prints for over twenty years and his works are represented in major public and private collections. He has held solo exhibitions in Australia, France, Japan, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.