Grow public art

Artist: Jonathan Leahey
Year: 2011
Location: Corner of Queen and Merton Streets, Altona Meadows.
Materials:  Grow is constructed using a corten steel skin with an oxidized patina. It is supported by an internal galvanized pipe super structure. The stamen is mirrored stainless steel.


Grow – to cultivate, raise, nature – is a symbol of looking to the future of potential, of hope. The sculpture reflects the history of the area, with a central reflective ‘face’, mirroring the surrounding community. Grow is also a celebration of the diverse population of the neighborhood, the flower being an emblem of friendship and respect recognizable to all ages and cultures. Flowers create feelings of joy and well-being and this single, imposing flower, like Jack’s beanstalk leading to the sky, will be a focal point of optimism for the future as well as an expression of commitment to sustainability and the environment.“  Jonathan Leahey

About the artist