Public Art Work 'Cargo' by Mike Nichols and Jonathan Leahey

Artist: Mike Nicholls and Jonathan Leahey
Year: 2009
Location: Cyril Curtain Reserve, Williamstown
Material: Steel


Cargo is a contemporary sculpture that references the ongoing and historical maritime links Williamstown has to transportation, industry and navigational aids.  Cargo’s rusty hull suggests a raw state of construction, relating to the ships under construction in the nearby BAE shipyards. 

Its geometric proportions allude to early shore based warning signals such as the Time Ball Tower on Point Gellibrand.  Mirroring and complementing the owner's vertical profile, the sculpture acts as a sister land based object which could become another navigational marker used by fishermen to take sightings from sea.” Jonathan Leahey and Mike Nicholls

At four meters in height Cargo makes a strong statement as it is vertically anchored to its site on Cyril Curtain Reserve. Rising above its natural setting, its up-right position juxtaposes the freighters sitting on the horizon line at sea waiting to unload their containers.  The sculpture creates a visual ambiguity that enables the viewer to reflect on the Port of Williamstown’s association with the transportation of goods, the shipyards and the history of Hobsons Bay as a safe harbour.  

About the artists

Mike Nicholls is a multi-talented artist who creates a variety of works from paintings to large scale sculptures.  Based in Victoria, Nicholls work has been exhibited in galleries across Victoria and NSW along with various public art commissions.

Jonathan Leahey:

Part of the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail.