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Transport issues for the western region are driving the agenda at the Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) at Altona RSL on 1 October.
Wednesday 1 October is the date for the first heat of Hobsons Bay's skate and BMX tournament.
Demolition of facilities at Paine Reserve will commence on Monday 22 September as part of the Newport Youth Library and Seniors Project.
Information regarding the parking day on 19 September
If you are concerned about transport come along to the Melbourne Transport Forum at the Altona RSL on Wednesday 1 October.
A facilitator, to be funded by Council, will soon begin working with landowners.
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garage sale for all
Exhibition and sale of 600 pieces of artworks from across Victoria
Adult and kids clothing, artisan products, vintage home wares, cakes, vinyl, books and more
Learn more about the true cost of the products we buy
A brutal, fast-paced and gripping political thriller
$25 discounted microchipping (per pet) on Sunday 21 September
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