Recycling your Lighting

Lighting Recycling

Used lighting is the largest source of the accumulation of mercury in landfills across Australia. It is estimated that about 95 per cent of lamps that contain mercury end up in Australian landfill each year.  This could result in toxins being leached into air, water and soil.

Do the right thing and recycle your lighting.

Where: Bunnings store, corner of Millers and Ross Roads, Altona and Simmers Hardware Co, Williamstown

When: during Bunnings Altona and Simmers Williamstown trading hours

What: fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, down lights, mercury and sodium vapour lamps

What types of lighting are accepted?

The following types of household lighting are accepted for recycling:

     • compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s)

     • standard incandescent light globes

     • traditional straight fluorescents

     • circular, U-shaped and coated fluorescents

     • high pressure mercury vapour lamps

     • high pressure sodium vapour lamps

     • metal halide, ultraviolet and voltaic arc lamps

     • dichroic lamps (eg down lights)

Commercial and industrial lighting will not be accepted. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are not household type lamps and therefore they will not be accepted.

How much can be recycled?

The service is for recycling household quantities of lighting from Hobsons Bay residents. A household quantity is considered to be about 5-10 bulbs at a time.

What happens to the lighting?

Lighting dropped off at Bunnings, Altona will be collected and recycled by Toxfree Solutions, a chemical waste management company. Virtually all components of a fluorescent bulb can be recycled, including glass, metals and chemicals.

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