Recycling bins

Your recycling bin has a yellow lid and is collected every 2 weeks, alternating with the green waste bin collection (lime green lid).

Find out your waste collection dates.

What to do on bin night

Place your bins out before 6am on the day of collection. Put your bins on the nature strip facing towards the road at least half a metre from other bins, cars or obstructions.

Ensure that your bin lids are closed, with no rubbish beside or on top of them. Remove your bins from the nature strip within 24 hours of collection.

What goes in your recycling bin?

  • plastic milk and juice bottles - please remove lids and dispose of in the rubbish bin
  • plastic containers - please remove lids and dispose of in the rubbish bin
  • milk and juice cartons
  • takeaway coffee cup lids  
  • glass jars - please remove metal lids and place loose in the recycling bin
  • glass bottles - please remove metal lids and place loose in the recycling bin
  • aluminium and steel cans, aerosols
  • newspapers, magazines and cardboard boxes
  • metal pots and pans
  • plastic plant pots

What NOT to put in the Recycle Bin:

  •   NO plastic bags or flexible plastic packaging
  •   NO polystyrene
  •   NO tetra paks
  •   NO plastic bottle top lids plastic
  •   NO CD and DVD cases
  •   NO plastic toys
  •   NO aluminium foil
  •   NO waxed cardboard, including takeaway coffee cups
  •   NO crockery, Pyrex or broken glass
  •   NO motor oil containers
  •   NO hazardous or chemical waste
  •   NO paper with food remains
  •   NO nappies or household rubbish
  •   NO syringes

Do you need to dispose of something that cant go in your recycling bin or isn't listed?

Take a look at our Hard Waste Collection service or on the other pages in this section for how to dispose of chemicals, lighting, paint and electronic waste. 

Missed Collection

If your recycling bin has not been emptied, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or complete the Missed Bin Collection online form.

Lost, damaged and stolen bins

Council will replace or repair your recycling bin if it has undergone normal wear and tear, or if it is stolen. A Statutory Declaration may be required.

If you have lost your recycling bin or it has been stolen or damaged, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or Report a Damaged or Missing Bin online.

New waste and recycling service

A new waste and recycling service will commence in summer 2019/20 for all residents that use Council’s kerbside waste and recycling service. Click here to find out more.