Plastic Bag & Flexible Plastic recycling

You can now put plastic shopping bags and other flexible (soft) plastic packaging in your recycling (yellow lid) bin.

How do I recycle plastic bags and flexible plastic packaging?

  1. Collect your unwanted plastic bags and other flexible plastics
  2. Put them in a plastic bag (such as a supermarket bag)
  3. Tie the bag when full and put it in your recycling bin
  4. Do not put individual/loose plastic bags in your recycling bin  
  5. Continue to keep your hard/rigid plastics and other recyclables loose

What flexible plastics can I recycle?

  • plastic shopping bags 
  • bubble wrap 
  • plastic packaging from groceries like bread, rice, pasta, toilet paper and frozen foods  
  • inner cereal and biscuit wraps  
  • clean cling wrap and freezer bags  
  • plastic wrapping from appliances  
  • plastic postal bags and plastic pockets
  • zip lock bags
  • bubble wrap

What types of flexible plastics CANNOT go in the recycling bin? 

  • NO silver-lined packaging from chip, chocolate bars and ice-cream wrappers
  • NO paper dockets
  • NO garbage or food
  • NO polystyrene
  • NO nappies

What happens to collected plastic bags and packaging?

All of our recycling goes to SKM Recycling, Australia’s largest recycling sorting facility. The flexible plastics are sorted, compacted, baled and sent to a plastic recycler either locally or overseas.

Missed Collection

If your recycling bin has not been collected, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or complete the Missed Bin Collection online form.

Lost ,damaged and stolen bins

Council will replace or repair your recycling bin if it has undergone normal wear and tear, or if it is stolen.  A Statutory Declaration may be required.

If you have lost your recycling bin or it has been stolen or damaged, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or Report a Damaged or Missing Bin online.