Change your bins

Complete our online form if you would like to do any of the following:

  • order an additional recycle bin
  • order an additional garbage bin
  • order an additional 240L green waste bin
  • upgrade or downgrade the size of your green waste bin 
  • opt out of any additional bins you already have  
  • opt out of all Council waste services (commercial, industrial and multi unit developments properties only).
 Type of service       Price of service
Additional Recycle Bin    Additional $92 per bin (pro rata)
Additional Garbage Bin Additional $176.25 per bin (pro rata)
Additional 240L Green Waste Bin   Additional $92 per bin (pro rata) 
Upsize Green Waste Bin from 120L to 240L Additional $2.25 from current Green Waste Charge
Downsize Green Waste Bin from 240L to 120L  Reduction of $2.25 from current Green Waste Charge
Opt out of all Commercial Waste Services  Removal of 'Standard Waste Service Charge'


Before you start 

You will need:

  • to be the property owner or listed ratepayer
  • your 10-Digit Property Number found on your rates notice
  • understand the above charges will be altered on your rates notice (pro rata).

Please note: If you are upgrading or opting out of a Council bin please ensure you leave your bin/s empty and on the nature strip to be picked up or exchanged.