We provide a weekly garbage collection service. The standard service includes a 120 litre garbage bin. Your garbage bin has a dark green lid and is collected weekly on the same day each week.

Waste collection dates

To find out your waste collection dates please click on My Neighbourhood and type in your address. You can also use this function for other handy information. Alternatively view the waste collection dates on PDF.

What to do on bin night

Place your bins out before 6am on the day of collection. Put your bins on the nature strip facing towards the road at least half a metre from other bins, cars or obstructions.

Ensure that your bin lids are closed, with no rubbish beside or on top of them. Remove your bins from the nature strip within 24 hours of collection.

What goes in my garbage bin?

  • household rubbish
  • broken ceramics, crockery, glassware
  • polystyrene and foam
  • nappies (wrapped)

The following items should NOT go in your garbage bin:

  • NO garden waste
  • NO hot ashes
  • NO paint
  • NO hazardous chemicals
  • NO medical waste or syringes
  • NO recyclable material - see our Recycling collection service for details on what can be recycled

Do you need to dispose of something that can't go in your bin?

Take a look at our Hard Waste Collection service or Recycling & landfill centres.

Missed Collection?

If your bin has not been emptied, please contact Council asap on 9932 1000, as this is the quickest way to arrange a recollection. Alternatively you may complete the Missed Bin Collection online form, however, this may take longer to process. 

Public Holidays

Council’s waste collection contractors and disposal facilities are closed on the following days only:

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday

On these days, regular collections will resume the following day and continue until all affected areas have been collected. Please leave your bin/s out until your bin/s have been emptied.

All other listed public holidays do not affect waste collection services.

Lost, damaged and stolen bins

Council will replace or repair your recycling bin if it has undergone normal wear and tear, or if it has been stolen. A statutory declaration may be required.

If you have lost your bin or it's has been stolen or damaged, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or Report a Damaged or Missing Bin.