Council's recycling update 13 November 2019

Recycling Bin

Council had entered an interim agreement with KordaMentha, the receivers of Council’s previous contractor SKM, and Cleanaway the new owners of SKM sites, to temporarily process Hobsons Bay’s recycling at its Laverton North site. This arrangement is temporary and short term but will remain until further notice.

Recently due to a capacity issue, Cleanaway, advised that recycling would be sent to landfill from Tuesday 12 November until Friday 22 November 2019. However as of Wednesday 13 November, Council, Cleanaway and Polytrade have arranged a temporary reprieve where recyclables will be processed at another facility until Cleanaway’s Laverton North site is available to accept Hobsons Bay’s material. As a result there has only been one day when recyclables were sent to landfill.

These are temporary arrangements only as we rollout this summer Council’s new waste and recycling service, which will be more reliable moving forward, meaning less likelihood of disruptions like this one, higher rates of recycling and more locally sustainable.

If you’d like to join us on this new waste and recycling movement, put your name down to become a recycling champion and help us spread the word to your friends, family and neighbours. Visit