Williamstown Elm Tree Renewal Program

Owing to the demise of elms in the northern hemisphere as a result of the Dutch elm disease pandemic, mature trees in Australia's parks and gardens are now regarded as among the most significant in the world.

In Hobsons Bay we have an elm tree population of over 900 trees. All these trees are regularly assessed by a suitably qualified arborist for their health and condition.

Whilst most of our elm population are in fair condition some require careful management and at times removal due to several factors.

To counteract the loss of these beautiful and historical trees the Parks Department with the support of Council, Landscape Advisory Group and Friends of Elms Group is conducting a renewal program to ensure our elm-lined streets continue to grow and flourish in Hobsons Bay.

Long term goals

  • maintain canopy
  • maintain landscape character, ie planting of large deciduous trees
  • maintain heritage fabric of this landscape ie trees planted in road shoulders
  • continue the planting of elms in Williamstown
  • manage hazards in this tree population
  • implement a planned removal and replanting program
  • consult with and educate the community regarding elm tree management

This program will be conducted annually to ensure the loss of any of these trees is minimised. Planting has already begun in Williamstown with a substantial amount of elm trees planted over the last few years. Our Parks Department, and in particular our Arboriculture team, are aware that trees evoke a lot of emotion and always endeavour to avoid removing trees unless they are a risk to the community. We are constantly striving to replant, prune and manage all trees in Hobsons Bay.