Street tree planting

Council's tree population consists of more than 44,000 street trees and 33,000 park trees. There is more than 20 different species which includes native, exotics, evergreens and deciduous trees all ranging in age, size and condition.

Each year Council invests in quality nursery stock and best-practice planting techniques to give all new trees the best start possible. Tree planting is carried out over winter and all new trees are maintained for the first two summers.

If you are receiving a tree you will be notified by Council via email or pamphlet, and if we plant a tree in the nature strip outside your house, we will provide a flyer that includes the name of the species, some features and what you can do to help the tree to establish.

Tips for caring for a new tree

  • provide extra water, especially during times of low rainfall
  • avoid placing grass clippings around the trunk of a tree, this causes a fungal disease such as collar rot
  • please leave the stakes and watering bowls in place. Council will remove these after two years

If you do not wish to have a street tree in the naturestrip please let us know.

Trees play an important role in the community and any extra care provided by you such as watering is much appreciated.

Request a Tree

You can request a tree for your street by:

street trees

Our Arboriculture team selects the most appropriate species for a location based on local conditions, climate, neighbourhood character and relevant master plans and strategies.

Residents are informed by a calling card, phone call or a letter about the outcome of the request.

If a tree is to be planted, a notification brochure will be sent before planting and a further information flyer will be placed once tree is planted.

The upcoming planting season is finalised at the end of each January, to ensure we can order the trees required. Any requests received after that time will need be considered for the following years planting season.