Food related complaints

The Public Health Unit investigates complaints relating to food premises such as:

  • food premises cleanliness
  • food handler hygiene
  • food contamination with foreign objects e.g. glass. Please retain the contaminated food without removing the foreign object. If necessary store the food in the fridge to preserve it in the same condition
  • suspected food poisoning. Please report the incident as soon as possible and retain the food. If necessary, place the food in a clean bag or plastic container and store it in the fridge
  • sale of food from unregistered food premises
  • incorrect or inadequate food labelling, such as failure to include the presence of food allergens

Food poisoning often occurs in the home

Some ways of preventing food poisoning include:

  • good personal hygiene, such as thoroughly washing and drying hands before handling food
  • avoid cross-contamination, by keeping raw foods and ready-to-eat foods separate, and using separate, clean utensils, containers and equipment
  • cook foods thoroughly; make sure foods such as meats and poultry are cooked until their core temperature reaches 75°C; generally, the meat juices will run clear when cooked
  • avoid the Temperature Danger Zone; keep chilled foods cold at 5°C or less, ad hot food hot at 60°C or higher
  • avoid spoiled foods, foods past their use-by dates, or food in damaged containers or packaging
  • when in doubt, throw it out

Food Sampling

The Public Health Unit conducts a food sampling program where approximately 150 food items are purchased from premises in the municipality. Foods is analysed to monitor food safety and confirm compliance with regulations.

Unregistered food premises

Premises not registered by Council include butchers and meat processors who are licensed with Primesafe. Dairy food industries are regulated by Dairy Food Safety Victoria.

Report food related concern