Why does my bin have a sticker, and why hasn’t it been emptied?

Firstly, rest assured that during February 2020 your bin will still be picked up the next Saturday – provided you take one more step.

Your bin wasn’t picked up because it contains items that can’t be accepted by our recycling contractors. The sticker shows you which item(s) is in the bin that shouldn't be. It might be a plastic or compostable bag, or even a wrapper that you didn’t realise was there.

All you need to do now is remove the item(s) that are not accepted from your bin, and place your bin back on the kerbside tomorrow morning. A truck will return to collect your bin the next Saturday.

You probably noticed that you received a letter attached to the sticker which explains what has happened and provides some more information. For a refresher on what items are accepted and not accepted in your bins, check your Recycling 2.0 Information Booklet or fact sheets for food and garden waste (light green lid), commingled (yellow lid), glass (purple lid), landfill (dark green or red lid), or our other options for household waste page.

From March 2020, if there is a sticker on your bin you will need to wait until the next collection.

While the system is still new, remember the golden rule – if in doubt, throw it out (in the rubbish bin).