Recycle plastics 5s

Council and our recycling partner, Australian Paper Recovery (APR), have successfully secured an end market for the plastic 5s. This is part of Council’s ongoing commitment, following the launch of Recycling 2.0, to expand opportunities for plastics to be locally processed into new products in order to continue improving our recycling outcomes.

Download a Recycling Plastics factsheet by clicking here(PDF, 2MB) .

Plastics with code number 5 (which indicates the resin type is polypropylene) can include household items such as ice cream, margarine and yoghurt containers.

From April 2020, Hobsons Bay will locally recycle plastics: 1, 2 and 5. Each type of plastic is processed differently and has its own specific end market.

Plastic code 1 (PET) bottles are re-made into new bottles.

Plastic code 2 (HDPE) bottles are remade into plastic bollards, pallets for transporting and securing cargo, fence or barrier railing and decking board.

Plastic code 2 (HDPE) laundry bottles are remade into new bottles.

Plastic code 5 (PP) containers are remade into new food-grade containers and casing around electric cabling.


Some quick reminders about our recycling:

- All containers must be rinsed and have their lids removed before placing them in the recycling bin. Many lids are made using mixed plastics or a slightly different process, which makes them unsuitable for our recycling. Place lids in the rubbish bin. 

- Some packaging with the code numbers 1, 2 and 5 is thinned out to form a particular shape, which makes it unsuitable for our recycling end markets. This includes fruit punnets and meat trays and these items should go in your rubbish bin. 

 - Soft plastics, such as carry bags, cereal liners, magazine wrap, bubble wrap and bread bags, are usually plastic code 4. These can’t go in the recycling bin, but they can be recycled by REDcycle ( at participating supermarkets.


If residents are in any doubt about whether an item can be recycled try downloading the new Hobsons Bay Recycling 2.0 App, where the answer can be found through our interactive feature, Which bin does this go in?. The free App is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can also search Which bin does this go in? online, by clicking here.