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Waste and Recycling Competition

Tell us how your household recycles and reduces rubbish


Are you a student living in or going to school in Hobsons Bay?

Tell us how your household is recycling and/or reducing rubbish, making it part of the Pollution Solution.

Your entry can take any form, as long as we can receive or see it electronically.

Here are the steps to enter!

1. Think about how your household is helping to recycle and reduce rubbish

Everything you do matters. Whether it’s:  

  • how you help sort recyclables. E.g. Did you put a box at the end of the kitchen bench to collect recyclable containers and packaging? Did you stick a fact sheet to the fridge?
  • making a giant ball from discarded aluminium foil – which helps the metal detector to capture it at the sorting facility
  •  emptying the kitchen caddy into the ‘green’ bin and giving it a rinse – to stop it from getting stinky (if you’re living in Hobsons Bay)
  •  re-using a bag – for loose produce at the supermarket or to collect all your REDcycle soft plastics
  •  choosing to buy different products at the supermarket – like a yoghurt in a #1 or #5 recyclable container or mayonnaise in a glass jar


Every person’s efforts will mean we’re sending less waste to landfill and recycling more. And that means we’re creating less greenhouse gases, preserving our natural resources and contributing to a healthier Hobsons Bay – and planet.

Click here to see how one family of five in Tasmania has reduced its rubbish output so much that a year’s worth fits into a jar.

2. Record what you do

Entries can be in any form, including:

  • a photo of your home set-up: how you separate items for the four bins – if you’re living in Hobsons Bay
  • a cooking video of a waste-free meal
  • before and after pics of something you’ve fixed. Tell us about it.
  • take so-called ‘rubbish’ and turn it into a sculpture or work of art (check out this awesome portrait made with bread tags)
  • convert rubbish into a new use? No, no, friends, that’s going to become part of a new plastic-bag skipping rope
  • keep a diary of your week without using any single-use plastic


3. Upload your file, which shows what grade you’re in by copying and pasting this link: https://hbcc.sharefile.com/r-r897937ca9f0441c9

4. See your masterpiece on Council's website, and go into the running to win a great prize.



Winners will receive a certificate, and a tour/workshop at Ceres Community Environment Park in Brunswick. (This may be run via Zoom.)

Prizes will be awarded according to year level grouping, with a prize each for:
i) Prep to Grade 3
ii) Grade 4 to 6
iii) Year 7 to 10
iv) Year 11 and 12

Additionally, one winner from each suburb will be announced.

Entries will be judged by a panel of three school principals and a special guest judge (soon to be announced).

Entries are now open, and close midnight Sunday 15 November 2020.


Competition - Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible to enter, you must be between five and 18 years of age.
  • This competition is open to students who live in and/or go to school in Hobsons Bay.
  • The competition starts at 5pm AEDT on Friday 18 September 2020 and closes at midnight AEDT on Sunday 15 November 2020
  • Entries will be judged by a panel of three school principals
  • Winners will be notified by email before close of business on Friday 27 November 2020 and announced on Council's website by no later than Friday 4 December 2020.
  • Each student may submit no more than two entries, via the share file link https://hbcc.sharefile.com/r-r897937ca9f0441c9
  • Hobsons Bay reserves the right to publicise the entries submitted as part of this competition. Any publicity or communications will include an acknowledgment of the student who created the work.
  • The prize pool consists of a tour/workshop of Ceres Community Environment Park in Brunswick.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for cash or swapped for any other item.