Back to Earth Initiative

The Back to Earth Initiative is your chance to be a part of something that benefits everyone. By using Council’s green waste collection service correctly, you can help to create useful compost products and reduce the amount of organic waste dumped in landfill.

The initiative is a Victorian Government program that aims to encourage the recycling of green waste and reduce the amount currently sent needlessly to landfill. 

Back to Earth is running across 11 councils in the north and west of Melbourne and has been launched to coincide with the opening of a massive, new green waste recycling facility at Bulla. The $30 million facility, built and operated by Veolia Environmental Services, is the largest of its kind in Victoria. When operating at full capacity, Veolia’s state-of-the-art composting plant will be able to process 85,000 tonnes of green waste a year.

Household green waste from Melbourne’s north and west will be composted by Veolia in special air-tight, concrete chambers where the temperature, humidity and oxygen is controlled to create natural soil conditioning products such as composts, mulches, blended soils and potting mixes used in landscaping, horticulture and agriculture.

These products take your green waste back to earth, enriching the soil and helping to grow healthy crops and pastures. Today’s green waste can grow tomorrow’s food.

By recycling correctly, you make the process easier and help to produce higher quality composts to enrich the soil. Richer soils mean healthier crops and pastures and community parks and gardens.

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