Good Cycles team delivers in Hobsons Bay

good cycles.jpg

Good Cycles is partnering with Hobsons Bay to deliver essential information about Recycling 2.0 to residents.

The team at Good Cycles is taking to the streets of Hobsons Bay, using state-of-the-art e-bikes, to circulate important information and updates relating to our new waste and recycling service.

Members of the Good Cycles team are checking the city’s recycling bins, looking for rubbish and contaminants, before bins are collected. They are stickering recycling bins containing contaminants and/or rubbish, and delivering information pamphlets. It’s an important process while we all get used to the new service, and to avoid contamination. Rubbish or the wrong item in just one recycling bin can affect an entire truckload and result in the load being sent to landfill. Landfill is more costly and harmful to the environment than recycling.

You’ll recognise the Good Cycles team who will always be wearing hi-vis vests and helmets, and will be carrying ID cards.

Good Cycles is a social enterprise working with people aged 18 to 24 experiencing disadvantage to facilitate training and employment.