Where to Begin?

Whether you're constructing a fence, building a garage, extending your home or starting a new business, you should check if you need planning or building approval - or both!

Planning and building approvals are subject to different and completely separate approval processes. A planning permit authorises a change in the use of land, or the development of land. Planning applications are assessed by Council's Town Planning Team.

Further information on the Planning Process including finding out if you need a planning permit can be obtained from the Planning Process page. For specific forms, you can access them via our Planning Application Forms, Requests, Factsheets and Checklists page.

A building permit authorises the construction or demolition of a building or structure and relates to the method of construction. It can also cover setbacks and amenity concerns for properties abutting land (if not covered by a relevant planning permit), minimum standards of safety (such as fire safety) and protection of neighbouring properties during construction. Building Permits can be issued by Council's Municipal Building Surveyor or a Private Building Surveyor.

Further information on regarding Building Permits can be obtained from the Building Permits page.

Other approvals may be required from Council associated with any building works or change of use, including: