Newport Structure Plan

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The Newport Structure Plan (NSP) is a strategic planning document that provides a long -term vision to guide land use changes, public spaces and buildings in Newport. The key components of the NSP include:

  • project overview
  • key influences
  • key issues, constraints and opportunities
  • structure plan framework comprising of objectives, strategies and actions
  • implementation

Inner Newport Heritage Gap Study

The Inner Newport Heritage Gap Study was commissioned to identify any sites of heritage significance within Newport Structure Plan area that are not currently covered by a Heritage Overlay. The study area was extended beyond the structure plan boundary to include buildings of a similar historic period to the west.

The study was peer reviewed in 2021 and it was agreed that additional 150 be included into HO22 and HO23, removal of four properties and the creation of a new ecclesiastical and residential heritage precinct for sites along Mason Street associated with the Christ Church complex (HO322).

Current Status

The Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes are available here.

The amendment will be on public exhibition from Thursday 30 June until Friday 12 August 2022. Further information about the amendment, including details of the proposed planning scheme changes, information sessions, and how to make a submission will be available on the Participate Hobsons Bay website at participate from Thursday 30 June.

Where to next?

Following public exhibition and community feedback, Council will consider all submissions received and recommend changes to the amendment as appropriate. Any submissions which cannot be resolved will be referred to an independent Planning Panel for consideration, Anyone who makes a submission will have the opportunity to be heard by the panel. Council will then consider the recommendations of the panel and decide to adopt or abandon part or all of the amendment.

If adopted by Council, the amendment will be submitted to the Minister for Planning. the Minister then decides whether the amendment can be approved.

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