Draft Newport Structure Plan


Newport Structure Plan is a strategic planning document that provides long term vision and guides land use changes, public spaces and buildings in Newport. The key components of the Plan include:

  • project overview
  • key influences
  • key issues, constraints and opportunities
  • structure plan framework comprising of objectives, strategies and actions
  • implementation

Where are we at?

The draft Newport Structure Plan was out for community consultation during July, August and September 2018, and received 42 submissions. The key issues raised in submissions relate to the proposed increase in height and density, potential traffic issues created by increased population and existing parking concerns. There was a general support for proposed amenity improvements. Council is currently undertaking a Heritage Gap Study to identify any structures with heritage significance within the Structure Plan area. It is anticipated to be completed by October 2019.

Where to next?

The recommendations of the Heritage Gap Study will be considered and changes will be made to the draft Structure Plan where required. The draft Newport Structure Plan will then be presented to Council for adoption. Once adopted Council staff will translate the Structure Plan into a planning scheme amendment. The planning scheme amendment process provides an additional opportunity for the community and stakeholders to provide input, including the possibility to present at an independent planning panel.