Swimming Pools and Spas

Registering your pool or spa

If you are the owner of land on which a pool or spa is located, you must register your pool and spa with Council by 1 November 2020. To register the pool or spa, complete a registration form and pay the associated fee.

Following registration, you will be provided with further information regarding the date of construction, the barrier standards that are applicable to your pool or spa and the date by which the barrier must be inspected and certified.

It remains the responsibility of the property owner to ensure there is a safety barrier in place around the pool or spa and this barrier is maintained at all times.

Building permit requirements

The Act and Regulations require an owner to obtain a building permit for the construction of all pools (including above ground) and spas with a depth of water more than 300mm.

A building permit is also required for installing and altering all swimming pool and spa safety barriers including windows, doors and gates that provide access to a pool or spa area.

The circumstances where a swimming pool safety barrier or fence would require a building permit relate to:

  • building work involving the installation of isolation fencing around an existing swimming pool or spa
  • the relocation and or extension of a swimming pool safety barrier or fence. This would be classed as new work as opposed to the repair, reconstruction or renewal of an existing safety barrier or fence in the same location as the existing barrier

The permit must be issued by a municipal or private building surveyor. An application for a building permit must include details of the type and location of all barriers, fence gates, doors, windows, latches, catches, self-closing devices and fly screens.


For further information

For further information please visit the Swimming Pool & Spa information page on the Victorian Building Authority link below.