Parking permits

1. Apply for a parking permit 

Council issues parking permits to residents of Hobsons Bay. If you are a resident, you may be eligible for one of these permits.  

You will need to register with an email address before you can login to the Parking Permit Application portal to apply for a parking permit. 


A TICKET MACHINE PERMIT allows residents to park free at the ticket machine areas only (note time restrictions still apply). Ticket machine permits cannot be used in permit zones or other restricted parking areas.  


A RESIDENT PARKING PERMIT is ONLY issued to residents who live on a street that has timed parking restrictions (1P, 2P, etc.) with the exception of multi-unit developments.  

Resident parking permit allows the permit holder to park in any permitted parking space within the section of the street specified on the permit and within the next nearest street, for longer than the time limits shown on the parking sign (except in the school zones). A permit does not guarantee that parking will be available in a resident's street. 

Resident parking permit also allows the permit holders to park free at ticket machine areas (note time restrictions still apply, refer to Ticket Machine Permits above). So, if you hold a resident parking permit, you do not need a ticket machine permit.  

A VISITOR PERMIT is ONLY issued to residents who live on a street that has timed parking restrictions (1P, 2P, etc.). It is for short stay visitors – and is limited to one per household. A visitor permit is only valid for use in the section of the street specified on the permit and within the next nearest street. A visitor permit holder will have to pay parking fees in ticket machine areas. 

A visitor permit can be transferred between vehicles (light vehicles only).  


Permits will not be issued to vehicles in excess of 3 tonnes gross weight or trucks, trailers, caravans or motorcycles.  


Permits will only be issued to residents of Hobsons Bay who are able to supply relevant proof of resident status and that the vehicle is registered to their address. Acceptable proof documents include driver’s licence, rates notice, vehicle registration, insurance document.  

If you use a company car, please supply a letter from your employer on company letterhead stating that the vehicle is assigned to you and garaged at your Hobsons Bay address. 


Tradesperson's parking permits are available for tradespeople conducting works in either residential or commercial zones. Applications must be in writing and provide proof of the work being undertaken. Fees apply for Tradesperson's permits (for a maximum of twelve weeks). Please contact Council to apply for these permits

Temporary permits may be issued on request in special circumstances such as for someone house-sitting for a period of weeks. Applications must be in writing and permits will only be issued for a period of one month. Each household is entitled to one temporary permit in a twelve-month period. Fees apply for these permits. Please contact Council to apply for these permits

Accessible Parking Permit (formerly Disability Parking Permit) can be applied online via the Accessible Parking Permit scheme. Click here for more information and to apply for an Accessible Parking Permit.  


2. Parking around schools

Parking or leaving your car running while dropping off children near a school crossing is an offence. Council is committed to zero tolerance towards parking offences committed around schools.

3. Parking on reservations, reserves and nature strips

Parking cars, trailers, boats or other vehicles on nature strips or reservations could damage footpaths and underground gas and water pipes.

You must park within your property. If off-street parking is unavailable, park on the road against the kerb.

4. Parking infringements

Using the customer portal you can manage your infringement online, you can do the following by entering your infringement number and offence date as shown on your infringement.

  • pay your infringement
  • review the details of your infringement
  • appeal your infringement
  • nominate another person responsible
  • apply for a payment extension
  • elect to go to court