Parking permits

Apply for a parking permit online

The Greenlight Parking Permit online module offers a faster and easier service and a cleaner, greener way of issuing residents’, visitors’ and ticket machine parking permits.

Apply for a new parking permit online.

Renew your parking permit online.

Disabled Person's Parking Permit

To apply for a disabled person's parking permit, you must fill in an application form with your doctor and then send it back to Council:

Disabled person's parking permit(PDF, 249KB)

Parking around schools

Parking or leaving your car running while dropping off children near a school crossing is an offence. Council is committed to zero tolerance towards parking offences committed around schools.

Parking on reservations, reserves and nature strips

Parking cars, trailers, boats or other vehicles on nature strips or reservations could damage footpaths and underground gas and water pipes.

You must park within your property. If off-street parking is unavailable, park on the road against the kerb.

Parking infringements

If you wish to appeal a parking infringement, you can contest your infringement online.

You can also apply for an extension of time to pay.