Steps to ensure payment

Collection of overdue parking fines

Hobsons Bay City Council takes three steps to enforce the payment of overdue parking infringement notices. At each stage you have the opportunity to pay the infringement notice, including any added statutory costs.

You also have the opportunity to Contest your infringement, if there is an acceptable reason for you not to pay the infringement notice, or Request an extension of time.

Step 1: Penalty Reminder Notice

28 days to pay the infringement notice (plus costs)

After 28 days Council will send you a reminder called a Penalty Reminder Notice. An extra cost of $24.50 will be added to the infringement notice at this stage. The notice will provide options including:

  • pay the total amount by the due date
  • choose to have the matter determined in the Magistrates' Court

Step 2: Letter of Demand

Three days to pay the infringement notice (plus costs)

After 28 days Council will send you a Letter of Demand giving three days' notice to pay.

Step 3: Enforcement Order

28 days to pay infringement notice, plus Penalty Reminder Notice costs and any additional costs

If you do not respond to the Letter of Demand within three days, the infringement notice will be sent to the Infringements Court or Magistrates' Court.

The Infringements Court will issue an Enforcement Order requiring you to pay the infringement notice plus the Penalty Reminder Notice costs and enforcement-related costs of $81.60.

This is a court order and should be treated seriously. If you wish to object to the Enforcement Order, you must complete the Application for Revocation of Enforcement Order that comes with the order.

Step 4: Sheriff's Warrant

Seven days to pay fine plus several costs

If you do not respond to the Enforcement Order by the due date, the Infringements Court will issue a warrant. Warrant costs of $59.80 will be added.

The warrant authorises the Sheriff to demand payment of the infringement notice fine and all costs, or seize your goods as security. If you have not paid within seven days:

  • your property may be sold
  • if you have no goods to seize, you can be imprisoned

Infringements Court

The Infringements Court is a centralised administration system for collecting overdue fines. As a division of the Magistrates' Court, its decisions have the force of court orders. However, you are not required to appear before a magistrate. If you wish to dispute your infringement notice before a court, you must elect to do so in writing to Hobsons Bay City Council before the matter passes to the Infringements Court.

Added prescribed costs

Prescribed costs, as outlined above, are reviewed and increased regularly. For further information, visit the Magistrates Court of Victoria.

For more information about the infringements process, visit Fines Victoria.

Contact us

For more information you may contact us at Hobsons Bay City Council.