Queen Street Bridge pedestrian and cycling crossing

Published on 16 April 2021


Council understands there have been recent queries in the community about the possibility of funding allocated in a previous Council budget for the construction of the Queen Street Bridge pedestrian and cycling crossing.

The Queen Street Bridge is the Victorian Government’s infrastructure. Funding and delivery of the bridge’s improvement works are the core responsibility of the state government.

Council strongly advocated the state government for a safe and accessible pedestrian and cyclist crossing to be included in the original scope of their recent rehabilitation work, and is currently advocating for the crossing to be constructed separately, following the completion of these rehabilitation works.

Council has not included a funding commitment for the construction and delivery of the Queen Street Bridge pedestrian and cycling crossing in any previous budget. To assist Council in our advocacy efforts to the state government, along with the local community, Council included $35,000 in operational funding for artist impressions/preliminary concept design work for a Queen Street pedestrian and cycling crossing in the 2020-21 budget. These impressions and the preliminary investigation has been critical in Council’s advocacy on this important project for our community. These impressions can be seen in more detail on our website at: https://www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/QueenStreetBridge

Council continues to advocate the state government for a $1.5 million funding commitment for the crossing so this crucial link in our local integrated transport network and important investment in community safety and accessibility can become a reality. Council remains hopeful that the state government will fund the project through their upcoming budget, and we will continue to advocate for its delivery.



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