Advocacy Strategy


Hobsons Bay faces the unique challenges of balancing urban and coastal areas, growth, social disadvantage, infrastructure demands, and lack of services. Local government has limited legislative ability to create substantial or sustainable change in these areas. Therefore, it is critical to work in partnership across the municipality and the region, as well as advocating, informing and partnering with national, state, regional and local sectors to meet the needs of our community.

The aim of this strategy is to create a municipality which is conducive to wellbeing, where people can live, work, learn and play now and into the future. The Advocacy Strategy is based on consultation with the community, stakeholders and businesses, and identifies 13 advocacy priorities for Hobsons Bay:

1. Affordable housing

2. Integrated transport

3. Health services

4. Mental health services for young people

5. Employment and economic development

6. Provision of education and teaching facilities

7. Managing urban consolidation

8. Climate change and environmental sustainability

9. Major Hazard Facility planning

10. Landfill, waste and resource recovery

11. Integrated water management

12. A third pass assessment of Port Phillip Bay

13. Sustainable design provisions in planning schemes

 Advocacy Strategy 2014-2018(PDF, 5MB)

 For further information contact Strategy and Advocacy on 9932 1000.