EPA noise & construction guidelines

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Every civil project undertaken by Council works to Environmental Protection Australia (EPA) Guidelines. These guidelines outline appropriate times and standards in which construction should be carried out in consideration of local residents and surrounding environments.

The guidelines for construction and demolition site noise are as follows:

Normal working hours

Noise to follow the requirements above during the hours of:

7am to 6pm Monday to Friday
7am to 1pm Saturday

Weekend/evening work hours

Noise level at any residential premises not to exceed background noise by:

10 dB(A) or more for up to 18 months after project commencement
5 dB(A) or more after 18 months

during the hours of:

6pm to 10pm Monday to Friday
1pm to 10pm Saturday
7am to 10pm Sunday and public holidays

Night period

Noise inaudible within a habitable room of any residential premises during the hours of:

10pm to 7am Monday to Sunday

View the EPA Noise Control Guidelines