KC White Reserve

New Irrigation System & Tank Installation 

KC White Reserve's irrigation system on both fields is nearing end of life and has been scheduled for renewal following the end of the 2022/23 summer season.

This will form part of a phased approach to upgrades on site that will include a water retention tank being installed either adjacent to the cricket nets or in the northwest corner of field two to ensure irrigation water pressure is maintained on site for most effective and efficient use of the water for irrigating both fields.

Phase 1 works are aimed to commence towards April/May this year and include the installation of the water tank, removal of the end-of-life cricket wicket as well as a new irrigation system to field two, subject to scope and budget approval.

Phase 2 works are yet to be scheduled and involve the installation of a new irrigation system to field one, subject to scope and budget approval.

Trenching machinery will be required for both phases of work and at times residents may experience some elevated noise levels from tractors between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the irrigation tank required?

A.  To maintain water pressure and ensure the most effective and efficient use of the new system when watering the playing surface. Also to eliminate brown patches that had been experienced in the past.

Q. Will the tank impede local resident's view of the reserve?

A. Option 1. The location adjacent to the cricket nets will impact views for residents 95A to 103 Park Crescent.

Option 2 Generally speaking no, the proposed tank location is parallel to the horse club area and the only household that may have partially impeded views of the pitch is from 1 Violet Street with the tank blocking the view of the cemetery.

Option 1 has more visual impact that Option 2.

Q. Will this work increase the noise level of the area during construction?
A. Yes, during the hours between 7am and 4pm there is a strong chance that during trenching works that the noise of tractors and digging equipment will be heard.

Q. Were other locations at the reserve considered?

A. Yes. Discussions were held about the location of the tank, however due to perceived issues with line of sight from residents, sizing of the tank and equipment, we selected the proposed locations as the most viable options.

Q. Will any trees be removed due to this project?

A. No trees will be removed due to this project.

Q. Can we advise our preference for tank location between Option 1 or Option 2?

A. Yes, please email salavelu@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au prior to 10 April 2023.


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