Altona Safe Harbour Dredging

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Dredging of the Altona Safe Boat Harbour is about to commence. Works are scheduled to take approximately four weeks to complete. While the dredger is working in the boat harbour channel you might experience some delays in clearing the harbour, however the delay shouldn't be more than if it were a busy day in the middle of snapper season.

If you are accessing the Altona Dog Beach we ask that you obey the signage onsite and keep your dog away from the bund and the black spoil.

The dredging process

Council dredges the harbour annually to ensure a safe depth for boats entering and exiting the boat ramp.

Dredging of the Altona Safe Boat Harbour commences in the middle of the year and takes approximately four weeks. Dredging takes place in the harbour for approximately two weeks before moving out of the harbour. 

Dredging involved a section of the intertidal zone of the Seaholme Foreshore and the Altona Dog Beach at PA Burns Reserve being used to store dredged sediment. The sediment is black and odorous for approximately two weeks before it returns to clean sand used to rejuvenate the beach. This is the process that created the Altona Dog Beach.


 Week 1: Dredged sediment being pumped into a storage bund on the dog beach at PA Burns Reserve.


 Week 3: Sediment in the process of draining and returning to the usual sandy colour.


Week 4: The dog beach after sediment (now sand) is redistributed. 

These works have been approved by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the EPA.

Dog owners are advised: areas of Altona Dog Beach may at times be inaccessible during dredging.


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