Brooklyn Community Hall Redevelopment

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The new Brooklyn Community Hall is now complete.

About the project 

The Brooklyn community has advocated to Council to update the Brooklyn Community Hall to bring it in line with current standards. Members of the Brooklyn community have asked for more flexible space to host meetings, community events and activities simultaneously. Users of the Brooklyn Community Hall have spoken about some of the challenges with the current hall including aged toilet and kitchen facilities, inadequate temperature controls, lack of natural light into the hall and limited connectivity between the hall and the rest of Brooklyn Reserve.

Council has used this information to develop a concept design for the redevelopment of the Brooklyn Community Hall. We have plans to transform the Brooklyn Community Hall into a modern and vibrant facility with enhanced connectivity, flexibility and ample space to serve the Brooklyn community. The concept design includes the following key features:

  • retention and renewal of the existing hall with improved kitchen and toilet facilities
  • a new building extension to the west end of the current Brooklyn Community Hall with flexible areas to cater for gatherings of 4 to 60 people and able to support a variety of uses and activities
  • a new main entrance foyer connecting the new extension to the hall and additional amenities like universal toilets, storage areas and a pantry with tea and coffee making facilities
  • a new accessible outdoor area with an outdoor deck and pathways which connect to the rest of Brooklyn Reserve and the southern car park along Cypress Ave
  • a complementary landscape design in recognition of the completed and upcoming open space upgrades for Brooklyn Reserve
  • minor improvements to the Brooklyn Tennis Club including painting 

Community consultation on the concept plans was undertaken through May to June 2020. You can view the concept plans and other information on the building here.

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