Addressing the bin scenario on Duke Street

Over several years Council has received complaints from residents and traders concerning the unsightly nature of the back of the shops at Borrack Square on McArthurs Road and Duke Street.  For the last couple of years Council’s Waste Officers have worked with the business owners in Borrack Square to reduce the number of bins and the amount of waste at the rear of the shops on Duke Street. 

Council is taking the opportunity to support businesses in this busy shopping precinct and to further address the rubbish and bin situation through the proposed provision of bin enclosures for the larger skip bins and also screening along the rear of shops to accommodate the Council bins that business owners have access to.


Proposed screening and bin enclosure looking north up Duke Street from McArthurs Road.

Do you run a business in Borrack Square and back onto Duke Street?

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Wednesday 16 February between 5pm and 6.30pm

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Frequently asked questions

Will there be a loss of parking associated with any of these two proposals?

Yes. Each bin enclosure will result in a loss of three car spaces. If two bin enclosures were constructed, there would be an overall loss of six car spaces.

In addition, any casual parking that might occur behind your premise but off the street would be lost if the screening were constructed.  People using this area would be required to park on the road and adhere to the parking requirements within Duke Street.

How would the bin enclosures work?

Each business would be responsible for the relocation of their bin into these enclosures. They would also be responsible for liaising with the collection company and to ensure that their bins were available for safe collection as required.

Would these enclosures be locked?

Yes, and each business utilising this space would have a key.

Would there be a charge to store our bins in these enclosures?

No there will be no charge to use the bin enclosure.

Do I have to relocate my bin to this enclosure?

No, you don’t. However, this is an ongoing issue that is not going to go away. The provision of bin enclosures is designed to increase street amenity and provide a better shopping experience for your patrons. But ultimately, no, Council cannot force you to store your bins in this enclosure.

I prefer one option over the other. Do we have to have both options or could we just go with one?

Council is open to constructing either or both of these options. Our aim is to address the issue of bins and rubbish accumulating at the rear of businesses on Duke Street and to improve street amenity and the customer experience within your shopping precinct. While trying to achieve these aims, we also want to ensure that this project provides benefits to the businesses involved. 

Is Council open to other options or solutions?

Yes, if you have alternative solution or options then please let us know in the form provided.



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