Road Condition Audit

  • Project typeRoads and Streetscape Project
  • Project scheduleRoad audit commences Thursday 26 September and will take approximately two weeks to complete
  • Completion Date11 October 2019

What we are doing

Council is undertaking a condition audit of the city's 430km network of sealed roads and carparks. 

This condition audit will take approximately two weeks to complete and commenced on Thursday 26 September 2019.

How is this happening?

This audit is being undertaken by an independent asset inspector by obtaining detailed video imaging and condition assessment of Council's road assets.

What you will see

You may observe a vehicle with cameras driving around your local streets. The vehicles are driven at normal traffic speeds and use hazard lights and other warning devices while completing laser measurements and video recording activities of roads and access ways.

All cameras are focued on the road and kerb surface structure with some limited viewing of areas directly adjacent to asset. No image recordings of commercial or residential properties are undertaken. 

Why is Council undertaking this audit

The information we gain from this road condition audit enables us to better managed our community assets and helps us to prioritise our road resurfacing and road rehabilitation projects and informs our future capital works budgets.


You can view the flyer for the Road Condition Audit here.(PDF, 2MB)

If you require further information please contact Council.